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Hello to all. My name is Diane Hoffman. I grew up in the Allegheny Mountains of western Pennsylvania, and now live in the hills of Kentucky. I'm a "tree-hugger", "animal lover", "flower fancier", "bird-watcher", and all round "nature nut"!!! Since I was little, I have always tried being creative at everything. I was a constant "doodler" in school. Decorating tablets, notebooks & bookcovers was an ongoing challenge! Even test papers weren't safe while I was struggling for answers!! LOL

  My family was blessed with much talent in the "arts". Music was very high on the list. My grandmother, who taught piano for 50 years, even played for the silent movies!! (I'm dating myself here!!) Everything from the stage, to drawing paper was part of my "creative" upbringing.

I got into crafting, and doing craft shows, about 27 years ago. Since then, I have done all sorts of crafts from sewing to painting. Decorative painting has always been my favorite, and I'm learning more every day. I had space at a craft mall for several years. When they closed, some friends talked me into trying a website, thus, here I am!!

Thank you to all who visit. I do appreciate your business. Please, I value comments, suggestions and ideas, so feel free to contact me. Enjoy!!!


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